The Program

The A.L.I.V.E. program is a 10-week human betterment program built upon implementation of the Six Point Secret.

While it is offered in small interactive workshops at select locations, ALIVE Across America is delivered in live interactive webinars.

The program is also available as a self-contained kit in three parts, each available for single purchase, or packaged together as a complete program.

Three Products

  1. The Six Point Secret (2 discs + Functional 6 Exercise Routine handout & Supportive Eating guidelines) ($19.99)
  2. The Six Points to Perfect Health Program (feat. 9 minutes in the morning) ($49.99)
  3. A.L.I.V.E. – the complete 8-week protocol / program ($149.99)

All Three together: $179.09

The Programs as individual offerings:

Program #1. The Six Point Secret ($19)

(2) Audio CD’s or DVD’s

1. Intro: Old Wisdom, Quantum Science, and Synergy

      • Can we predict the future?
      • Plato & Paracelsus:  The recognition of Body, Mind, and Spirit
      • The discovery of Body, Mind, and Spirit (21st century science)
      • Summary

2. What is Perfect Health and How Do We Screw it Up?

      • The Disease Continuum
      • The Flawed Machine Model
      • The “Source” Lies Far Deeper Than The Symptoms
      • The Fix
    • includes Handout – Functional 6 and Supportive Eating

Program #2. The Six Points to Perfect Health Program (feat. 9 minutes in the morning) ($49.99)

(10) Audio CD’s –

    1. Two Triangles
    2. Brain, Immune, Gut
    3. MAGIC – Marvels and the Forces of Nature
    4. Ci3 – the Cellular Structure You See in the Mirror
    5. Frankencow and the Food Maze
    6. Metabolism & Supportive Eating
    7.  Challenging Convention
    8. Breathe, Stand, and Thump
    9. Minutes in the Morning
    10. Stepping it up: Back Toward Perfect Health

Program #3: A.L.I.V.E. ($149)

(12) Audio CDs

1. What is ALIVE and Who Are You?

2. The Mindset Factor

3. Fight or Flight – The Power to Heal

4.The Universe Inside (The Hormonal Balancing Act)

5.Week 1 : The Functional 6

6.Week 2: Balancing Mind & Muscle

7. Week 3: Becoming the Sculptor

8. Week 4: Routine Tri-umph

9. Week 5: Enhanced Fat Burn

10. Week 6: Recommit and Remember

11. Week 7: Balancing Stress and Recovery

12. Week 8: Ongoing Betterment

Order all 3 Programs as a Package for Only$179.99

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