Phil Kaplan’s Six Point Secret to Perfect Health

Discover how age-old wisdom and modern science have come together to uncover a new paradigm for finding or returning to a state of what author Phil Kaplan calls, Perfect Health.  The application is groundbreaking, the results are staggering.

In a newly-available downloadable text, The Six Point Secret, you’ll learn to tap into this real-world protocol for personal power.  Never before available to the public, the ebook is now yours for the taking (request yours for free at the bottom of this page).

Learn how participants in a Six Point Program achieved the following and more:

  • Radical acceleration of metabolism
  • Dramatic shifts in energy production
  • Ongoing fat loss and lasting improvements in body composition
  • Greater ease of movement in every performance or lifestyle arena
  • Reduction in and elimination of dis-ease symptoms
  • Spectacular improvements in heart efficiency and exercise recovery
  • Reduction in markers of inflammation
  • Reduction in chronically elevated blood sugar
  • Reduction in chronically elevated blood pressure
  • Reduction in LDL, the “bad” cholesterol and increases in HDL, the “good” cholesterol
  • The “breaking out” of weight loss resistance, even if it’s lasted years

The program is available live in select cities, virtual via the web right now, and will be released in program format (recorded media and hardcopy) in 2015.  For more information email . . . and if you haven ‘t yet, get your FREE ebook by completing the information below).

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